Wax Melt Molds

EfinePlastic specializes in high-quality wax melt molds and other plastic clamshell packaging for candle making industry worldwide.
Our premium wax melt moulds are available in different shapes and thickness for your option. Moreover, as a manufacturer, we can provide custom packaging solutions for wax melts and candles.

Why us?

  • Premium quality
  • ┬áVolume discounts
  • On-time delivery
  • Excellent customer service

Various Shapes

  • Square 6 cavity
  • Round shaped
  • Heart-shaped
  • Christmas tree shapes

Custom Solution

  • Customize design
  • Custom thickness
  • Custom materials
  • Brand logo and more

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Clamshell Packaging for Wax Melts

Clamshell Packaging for Wax Melts

As a plastic packaging manufacturer, Ningbo Efine Plastic produces high-quality clamshell packaging for wax melts.

From material selection, customized shape design, mass production, and packaging, we are committed to offering one-stop service for our customers worldwide.

Whether you are looking for new shapes of clamshell molds…

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