Custom Thermoformed Plastic Insert Trays

Custom Thermoformed Plastic Trays Packaging

Category: Thermoformed Packaging

Custom thermoforming plastic tray provides a variety of functions such as packaging,  sorting, handling, transporting, displaying, and more. They are usually custom-designed according to the shape and size of your product.


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Product Details:

  • Material options: recyclable plastic HIPS / HDPE / PVC / PET / ABS
  • Shape: bespoke designed to fit your product
  • Color: white / black / clear / custom color
  • Size: custom size
  • Applications: Packaging for retail, food,  electronic, medical, etc.
  • MOQ: 10,000 PCS
  • Lead time: 15-20 Days
  • Manufacturer: EfinePlastic
  • Place of Origin: China

Case Study:

The product is made up of several parts, our customer wants each part to be properly organized and well protected during transportation so we designed custom cavities that fit different parts perfectly. Since the product is relatively heavy, we use our thicker high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic material after testing a variety of materials, which makes these packaging trays more durable.

Bespoke Plastic Trays Packaging

Bespoke Plastic Trays Packaging

HDPE plastic sheets

HDPE plastic sheets

Do you need a custom tray for packaging and display?

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Efine Plastic specializes in design and manufacturing a variety of custom thermoformed plastic trays tailored to your needs.

Work on a custom packaging project is not always easy unless you have a professional partner.

Talk to one of our tray experts about your idea and we can quickly give you a design guide and cost analysis!

Custom Thermoformed Trays

Custom Thermoformed Trays

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