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EfinePlastic is one of the leading clamshell packaging suppliers serving customers worldwide. Our packaging experts have 20 years of experience in thermoforming design and manufacturing to bring you various packaging options and services.

In the packaging market, thermoformed packaging accounts for nearly 70% of the market and will continue to grow. Whether in a retail store or on an e-commerce platform, plastic blister clamshells are widely used.

If you’re looking to start a packaging project for your products, please check out the information below:

#1. What are the main packaging types?

#3. What are commonly used materials?

#4. What are the advantages of thermoforming?

#5. Where to buy clamshell packaging?

#6. How much it will cost for custom packaging?

#7. What is the process of working with you?

clamshell containers

clamshell containers

1. What are the main packaging types?

Blister packs, clamshell packaging (2-piece clamshells, fold-over &  tri-fold clamshells), thermoformed trays / plastic insert trays;

hinged containers, clear folding cartons, retail POP displays, protective packaging, and more.

For example:

Tri-fold clamshell packaging is designed to fold the clam shell into three sides (front, bottom, back) so that your product can either stand or hang on the display shelf.

  • Pros: There is no need for an additional sealing process, but to make built-in button tabs for easy closing and opening. 
  • Cons: If the product is overweight or the button tabs are not strong, it is easy to bounce off.
  • Solutions: Use a staple when necessary or make more button tabs.
Custom designed trifold clamshell packaging

Custom designed trifold clamshell packaging

2. What are commonly used materials for thermoforming?

The commonly used materials are PVC ( the density is 1.36 g/cm3), PS ( the density is 1.06 g/ cm3), PET (the density is 1.39 g/ cm3), PP ( the density is 0.92 g/ cm3)

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyethylene (PE)

The thickness of thin-gauge thermoformed packaging is generally between 1 – 2 mm or thinner. Among them, the maximum thickness of PVC is generally 0.8 mm, and Polystyrene is generally up to 2.2 mm. If the maximum thickness is exceeded, the plastic sheet is difficult to pull and the equipment will also be damaged.

The color of the material is usually transparent or natural. Customized color is available according to your requirements.

PET plastic sheet roll stocks

PET plastic sheet roll stocks

3. What are the advantages of thermoforming packaging?

In terms of thermoforming production, the tooling cost is lower than other production techniques such as injection molding. And the lead time is shorter. What’s more, it can deliver custom prototyping in a quick and inexpensive way.

In terms of packaging, it can display your product clearly with great visibility. At the same time, these clamshells and boxes play a good role in merchandising with a hanging or standing design.

clam shell packaging manufacturing

clam shell packaging manufacturing

4. Where to buy custom clamshell packaging?

Buying custom packaging directly from a professional thermoform plastic manufacturer is a good choice, no matter it is a local company or an overseas supplier, small or big. Find the most suitable partner for your business.

5. How to customize the packaging and how much it will be?

Our custom packaging solution can be divided into three kinds:

  1. Copy from your existing packaging
  2. Mold according to drawings
  3. Design according to the real object

The cost varies from some primary factors, such as volume, weight, material, size, and shape.

Tell your requirement to us and get a custom quote. Email to:

6. What is the process of working with EfinePlastic?

It is very easy to work with us.

  1. Quote (1 Day)
  2. Prototyping (1 Week)
  3. Tooling Making (2-4 Weeks)
  4. Production(1-2 Weeks)
  5. Shipping (By sea or by air)

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