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As a plastic candle packaging manufacturer, Ningbo Efine Plastic produces high-quality clamshell packaging for wax melts and candles.

We are committed to offering a one-stop service for our customers worldwide, from material selection, customized shape design, mass production, and packaging.

Whether you are looking for custom clamshell molds or looking for new suppliers to optimize your supply chain. We are always here to provide you with the fastest and best solutions.

Making wax melts with our clamshells

Making wax melts with our clamshells

– What is wax melts?

Wax melts are small cubes of wax, made from natural soy wax with essential oils.

They come in different shapes according to different wax melts clamshell molds.

For example, 6 cavity square-shaped clamshells, heart-shaped wax melts molds, round-shaped clamshell mold, etc.

– How to use wax melts?

It is simple to use wax melts. Just put these small cubes into a wax melt warmer and the fragrance will fill your room.

Wax melts are a popular alternative to scented candles and fun and easy for craft lovers to DIY at home.

Wax Melt Burner Fragrance Warmers

Wax Melt Burner Fragrance Warmers

– Where can I buy wax melt clamshells in bulk?

For a small quantity below 5000 pcs, it might be economical to buy from your local or national suppliers and wholesalers.

Because the international logistics costs and import costs will be high for you.

For those who are purchasing big volumes, such as candle-making supplies wholesalers, and wax melt making manufacturers, buying directly from a candle packaging manufacturer overseas, like Ningbo Efine Plastic, will be a good option!

You will get a competitive price, and professional service. Moreover, there will be more possibilities for custom solutions.

– What is your minimum order qty for clamshells?

EfinePlastic is a plastic packaging manufacturer that specialized in providing wholesale price and bulk production.

Because of machinery setup and raw material purchasing, our MOQ starts from 10,000 pcs to 20,000 pcs.

We will produce according to the requirement of each order, and all the materials and packages are brand new instead of old stocks.

The larger the quantity you order, the more favorable price you will get.

– Can I get custom-made clamshell mould packaging?

Yes, absolutely. In addition to standard wax melts containers in the market, you can also have your own custom candle packaging.

We recommend you try out our custom solution if you have the following situations:

  1. Looking to update or improve my current packaging
  2. Need the same or similar design as my competitor
  3. I have my own design and I need a manufacturing partner to produce it
  4. Need a better price & service than my current supplier.

Contact our specialist if you look for personalized wax melts & tarts mold packaging, let’s turn your idea into a reality!

empty plastic clamshells wax melt molds soap moulds manufacturer

empty plastic clamshells wax melt molds soap molds manufacturer

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