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Beverage Packaging Solutions

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EfinePlastic provides a wide variety of multi-packaging solutions for cans and bottles of beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, and more.

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beverage multipack solutions

The beverage multipack is a packaging method that combines two or more items together and sold as one unit. Plastic bottle and can carriers are one of the most popular options to hold the bottles or cans and provide easy carrying.

  • Sizes: 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack, or 12-pack, etc
  • Features: light weight, inexpensive and recyclable
  • Applications: Can be applied to the cans, bottles & other containers.
  • Benefits: Beer and drinks sold in multipacks can help maximize your sales, generate extra profits and reduce logistics costs, etc.

From beer can ring carriers, to plastic bottle holders, we supply innovative and custom multi-packaging solutions for global beverage companies and the brewing industry.

Plastic beer can rings

Plastic pack ring carriers can hold multi-packs of canned beer drinks together. Available in pre-cut or roll styles. Suitable for repacking loose beer & soda cans into 4 packs, 6 packs, 8 packs, 12 packs, etc.

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six pack rings beer can carrier
HDPE Hard Can Carrier

HDPE Hard Can Carrier

Injection-molded plastic hard can carriers, easy transport & packaging. HDPE construction makes it strong and durable. Full-cover design can keep your cans lids clean from dust.

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Six pack bottle holders

Durable plastic bottle neck holders are great for carrying glass beer bottles, soda bottles, as well as water bottles, allowing 4pk, 6pk 8pk bottles to combine together.

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6 Pack Bottle Carrier Holder

More Beverage Packaging Solutions

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